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Yin UnderscoreYin Yoga uses floor-based postures to stress the bodies connective tissues in order to stimulate and
rebalance the energetic channels in the body, nourishing organs and providing support for the immune
system by enabling Qi flow. Yin Yoga provides a wonderful platform to begin to develop a meditation
practice if you do not have one because the nature of the passive poses which are held for longer periods
of time with the muscles relaxed and the body supported allow you to go ‘Inside”. When practiced with
mindfulness, Yin Yoga allows us to learn awareness, non attachment, equanimity and contentment and this
can be very difficult to observe in a very dynamic Hatha Yoga practice where how you look in the asana and
achieving ‘full posture’ is often the most important or emphasised issue. This makes Yin Yoga a great
compliment to more dynamic yoga practices and yet is still often challenging in its own right.

Yin Yoga will help to bring balance to the body and mind