Martin began practicing hatha yoga 10 years ago after being diagnosed with an essential tremor
and not wanting to go down the route of prescription medication. However it was his first Yin Yoga
level 1 teacher training in Bangkok during January 2014 that really changed the way he began to
think and practice yoga. A true student of the wisdom traditions Martin has sat numerous long
Vipassana meditation retreats around the world and has also sat long personal
silent retreats in Gaia house in Devon.

With over 250 hours of 'functional yoga' training with Jo Phee the anatomy and Chinese
medicine expert and senior teaching assistant to the Yin Yoga pioneer Paul Grilley.
Martin takes this approach of 'functional yoga' and interweaves it with the insights and practices of Yoga,
Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal Psychology as taught by Yin Yoga innovator Sarah Powers.
Martin graduated from Sarah's Insight Yoga Institute in 2018.

Martin considers himself very fortunate to have practised with many of the worlds best Yin Yoga
teachers and has dedicated himself to taking the inner vantage point required in order to maintain
the journey of self discovery. Understanding that prolonged periods of silence and self inquiry
leads to less suffering and possibly healing was a huge enlightening to a path on which Martin is
continuing to follow with dedication and passion and is sharing with his students and friends.
“When Students first begin a yoga practice, perhaps to reduce stress or to get in shape, or maybe
just to accompany a friend, they will often be guided to place the largest percentage of their attention on
the shape of the poses they are trying to do. This keeps the practice safe and as we learn postural integration,
our body-based experience becomes more joyous, healthy, and the postures more fun to inhabit.
Eventually, with skilful guidance, sincere practitioners become interested not only in the outer forms of yoga,
but in the inner revolution that yoga can offer, or, as Bernie might say, they start to go yin-side.
It is here that the deeper aspects of yoga are revealed“
Sarah Powers
Martin wants to teach his students to be happy in meditation not to perform 'instagram yoga'.
The gymnastic style asana so regularly seen. With functional Yin Yoga tailored to each individuals
skeletal alignment there is an opportunity of gaining the maximum benefits available to each
individual students physical body whilst still maintaining Martin's aim of getting deep into the
subtle energetic body of the Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory and then to the Mind training
prescribed by Sarah Powers, leading to meditative focus and awareness.
“We need to begin to heal from the inside. We live in a world where there is real affluence on
the outside but real poverty on the inside”.
“Silence is the practice”
Jo Phee. Washington DC 2017

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