Yin Myofascial mainIn our human body, we witness nature solving the problem of total
connection and differential movement. It did this with our fascial
system and fluids. 
Yin Underscore
One body, many textures, differential movement, without separation. 
Our fascial system acts not only as the body's scaffolding for its structure, it also holds all muscles
and organs in place while keeping them separate and allowing them to slide over one another.
It provides a protective yet movable wrapping for nerves and blood vessels as they pass around
our bodies. All these things are allowed to move by a “perifascial membrane” a watery film in
between the different layers...The layers only exist when cut with a scalpel. We are connected!
The link below shows Gil Hedley the fascia expert showing the build up of 'Fuzz'.
The video is great at allowing us to see this however when I met Gil in September 2017 he is
now unhappy with the videos dialogue because it comes across as all 'Fuzz' is bad and he
believes that it is not it is essential for total connection and differential movement.
Once we understand the need for healthy hydrated fascia in our bodies we can begin to
realise the importance and effectiveness of Myofascial release. When we have learned that
there are 'no holes' in fascia and that we are completely connected yet need to move and that
how an adhesion in one area of fascia can effect another area of our body so seriously it becomes
obvious to us that we need to continually keep our fascia in a good state of health. 
The goal of MFR is to stress and loosen the fascia. It can release these adhesions in the fascial
network which cause muscular shortness and tightness and can lead on to many other problems
in the body ranging from tension headaches to joint fixation and lack of flexibility.
This unblocking allows the Qi to be balanced and flow freely. Qi is an intelligent life force.
If we keep it moving it will make all the correct decisions for our body. . Free flowing Qi is so
important to our wellbeing in so many ways.
MFR classes are a great way to speed up what we are doing in our yin practices in terms
of working deep into these Myofascial blockages.

“Muscles are the Fascia's bitch”  
Gil Hedley. Washington DC 2017
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