This is the most important page on this website
Here Martin would like to honour all his teachers who through their own life long dedication
and studies have made it possible to pass on their knowledge to him in order that he can
now practice and teach this beautiful form of yoga.

'A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge,
and wisdom in the pupils.' 
Ever Garrison
Yin UnderscoreSarah Powers
Yin Teachers 1When Martin first practiced with Sarah during a silent 5 day retreat in 2014 it was a
life changing moment. Her blending of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism and Transpersonal
Psychology spoke to him personally and he knew immediately that he would
join her institute. Martin graduated from the institute in
November 2018.
 Jo Phee
Yin Teachers 2With a background in Chinese Medicine, functional anatomy, fascia study and
Myofascial release Jo is one of the first certified yin yoga teachers in the world and
has over 1500 hours of trainings with Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers.
Martin now has 265 certified hours of yin, Chinese medicine and myofascial
release trainings with the brilliant Jo Phee!
 Joe Barnett
Yin Teachers 3Another very senior Yin yoga teacher and assistant of Paul Grilley.
Martin was fortunate to train with Joe for 200 hours in his joint Yin TTC with Jo Phee.


Martin will be forever thankful to Seb and Murielle who introduced him to Yin Yoga during
his level 1 teacher training in 2013/14 in Bangkok. Without them he may not have
been on the path he is now.
 Clare Allen
Yin Teachers 4Clare is a very experienced yoga teacher with over 20 years of teaching experience.
She is always studying and learning. Salisbury is very lucky to have a senior teacher
of such immense quality and Clare has mentored Martin and kept him on the path with
her encouragement and incredibly deep yoga knowledge. A teacher who embodies what
being a true yogi really is Martin will be forever in her debt for the love, time and effort
she has put into her teachings to him and all her students.
 Gil Hedley
Yin Teachers 5 Gil is one of the leading names in the world of fascia. He is funny and intelligent and completely
fascinating. Since attending Gils certified presentation on fascia in Washington DC named
“Whats the Fuzz” Martin has signed up for his online courses in order to develop his understanding of this
amazing living matrix in our body and the role it plays in our health and wellbeing.
 Maty Ezraty
Martin trained with Maty in July 2018 during an advanced asana 50 hour intensive training.
Her knowledge and passion took his understanding of the Yang asana to another level.
Martin was very saddened at her passing this year. She was wonderful a true yogi.

Mindful Acaemy Eu
bodhin grey
Martin trained in the teaching of Mindfulness based stress relief in Solterreno in Spain in October 2018
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